Unique Papercuts

Ode To Joy
A paper cut created to raise money for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The minimum price is $3500.00 (plus tax for MA residents). The cut is kozo paper on rag board framed in a 31" square frame.

The Play's The Thing
A director's 60th birthday present. Images from plays he directed and himself sitting in the middle in a director's chair.
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In 1980, at an in-service staff meeting of the Framingham Public School art department, we gathered to discuss strategies for improving our students' gross and fine motor control. We had decided to concentrate on cutting skills. One teacher brought a slim green volume of paper cuts, in the Polish style. It outlined all the different forms of cuts traditionally done in Poland. They are cut with hand-forged sheep shears. Each area of Poland produces a unique design.

Although we know that paper cuts were done over 3000 years ago in China with bronze scissors very like the tool I use to cut my work, my present works stems from that 1980 in-service meeting. My students and I began to make paper cuts of all kinds: multi-colored, layered flowers and birds, tree of life forms, and snowflakes! My goodness, did we make snowflakes! Other people, seeing some snowflakes I made with cats and horses, began to ask me to make them for special presents.

We then studied a wider range of paper cuts in my classes. We found out that paper cuts are done all around the world, on most continents; anywhere paper is a common material. Knives and scissors are used. Many cuts tell stories, others are purely decorative. With this “simple” craft my students traveled the world and then produced wonderfully delightful work.

My own work has been shown in galleries around this country, in the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA, and in an International Invitational Paper cut Exhibition at The Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City. My designs are now used for golden ornaments, note cards, silk screen prints and mugs..

A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle

Each paper cut is made to its owner’s wishes, each is unique. No two are alike! There is a six month lead time for a cut.

"Your unique paper cut, a reflection of your lifestyle"

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