20 years ago 10 art teachers gathered around a book of Polish Papercutting. Through the paper cutting skill the teachers planned to help their students' fine motor skills.

Leslie Miller then began to make her own papercuts for friends, and then as requests. A few requests gradually blossomed into a small business. All papercuts were made to the client's request; each a unique piece, not to be duplicated. A few generic designs became note cards and then golden ornaments.

Gradually it became clear that papercutting was not only Polish, a craft done around the world, wherever paper is available. Our papercutting work became investigations of far away cultures and geography.

Several of Leslie's papercuts have been translated into note cards, limited editions of silk-screened prints, and into golden ornaments.

It's been quite a journey.

"Your unique paper cut, a reflection of your lifestyle"

64 Miller Street
Belfast , Maine 04915